Solana Outshines Ethereum in Google Searches

Solana blockchain reportedly generated greater search engine interest in various jurisdictions around the globe. As per Google trends data, a total number of Solana search results has increased in nations such as Spain and the Philippines in comparison to Ethereum.

Meanwhile, Ethereum searches have risen in Indonesia, Morocco, and Taiwan. The report also indicates that Google searches for Solana surpassed in comparison to Ethereum for the first time in 2023. Analysts have attributed the increase to recent activities taking place within the ecosystem.

Ethereum token remained ahead of Solana on search engine metrics for the better part of 2023. However, data indicated a shift in the total number of search results from 17th December to 23rd December.

At present, the search score for Solana is 56 while Ethereum is recorded at 50. On this account, Solana has scored 100 marks in terms of search engine interest for the duration of 24th December to 30th December. As per Google Trend analysts, 100 score indicates peak popularity.

Solana Adoption Grows in Various Jurisdictions Around the Globe

As per the data analytics offered by Google Trends, Solana project has continued to rise in popularity and adoption across various national jurisdictions. The token has amassed major demand in Philippines and Spain towards the start of 2024.

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At the same time, the data has also indicated that investors looking for Solana are also seeking to invest in bonk and tensor token. Bonk is a memecoin that flipped Pepecoin in terms of market capitalization on 8th December by gaining 370% gain.

Tensor is Solana native token issued from a NFT trading protocol that generated Tensorians. This token has also gained considerable traction within the last 30 days. At the same time, investment interest in Solana can be traced back to the recent price surge in SOL token.

On 20th December, SOL market cap surpassed XRP following a 13.8% increase reaching $82 for the first time since May, 2022 and flipping XRP prices. On 22nd December, SOL also flipped BNB to become the 4th largest token in terms of market cap. BNB token became 4th largest token market cap on 29th December and SOL price was restored to pre-Christmas evaluation.

Solana Co-founder Introduces New Version Working as Layer-2 Wormhole Eigenlayer

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko rencently introduced a new Solana project noting that it is like a Ethereum Layer-2 Wormhole Eigenlayer. In a recent statement he noted that there are many similarities between validators on Solana and Ethereum Lido L1 operators.

According to him, these protocol put an important emphasis on not withholding data or manipulating state roots across different networks using the re-staking option. His post was mentioned on 25th December.

His post suggested that Solana project will not remain under the shadow of bigger rivals such as L2 Polygon on Ethereum. During the past few weeks, Solana and Ethereum investors have arguments regrading underlying technology.

Nevertheless, Yakovenko has advised community members to refrain from participating in these types of narratives. Given the pretext, Yakovenko’s post also promotes the idea that the blockchain protocols can exist without friction.

He claims that the investors and other stakeholders can direct their attention towards developing the blockchain sector and tackling challenges facing DeFi sector such as regulatory uncertainty, privacy concerns, and economic fluctuations etc. At press time, SOL is trading at $102.5 as per CoinMarketCap.

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