Price Analysis of Kaizen Inu (KZN) and FUTUREXCRYPTO (FXC)

In today’s crypto data report, two names have earned a spotlight, and these cryptocurrencies are Kaizen Inu (KZN) and FUTURXCRYPTO (FXC). These cryptocurrencies have gathered investors on a really high level in the past 24-hours, to form strong rallies.

These cryptocurrencies are currently observing rallies but Kaizen Inu’s rally has gone skyrocket in the past 24-hours. Going through the analysis for these cryptocurrencies will show how high these cryptocurrencies can grow in the upcoming days.

Kaizen Inu (KZN) May Elevate to $0.5494

The past few days have proven to be very critical for Kaizen Inu, as the digital asset’s price experienced a dip from a high figure, coming down to $0.01682 per KZN. However, the buyers increased their buying power, which ended up pushing its price higher. As of now, the price of Kaizen Inu is worth $0.1026 per KZN.

Due to the increase in the value of Kaizen Inu, its trading volume has also been pushed up by 1851.96%. The fully diluted valuation for Kaizen Inu has been pushed up by 547.51%. The unit value of Kaizen Inu was also elevated at the same rate as the fully diluted valuation.

Going forward, the investors may increase their buying power to push Kaizen Inu to higher levels. The first resistance Kaizen Inu is expected to hit in the upcoming days would be $0.2430 per KZN.

If the price of Kaizen Inu continues growing, the RSI for Kaizen Inu would also start moving into the positive territory. If the RSI moves above 50, Kaizen Inu will start gaining more momentum, pushing its value to $0.4093 per KZN.

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As Kaizen Inu cross the second resistance mark ($0.4093), the moving averages may also start moving in with the bullish trend. Therefore, the price of Kaizen Inu may get moved up to the third strong resistance mark of $0.5494 per KZN.

FUTUREXCRYPTO (FXC) May Elevated to $2.68

FUTUREXCRYPTO has experienced a major surge in value in the past 24-hours. The digital asset showed how profitable it can become if it continues growing in value and the investors are now eager to see that happen.

The data suggests that the value of FUTUREXCRYPTO was at a low figure of $1.25 per FXC a few days back. However, the price trend for FUTUREXCRYPTO is a clear example of the constant rally selling by the bears. The bears kept selling FUTUREXCRYPTO on every rally, and the trend went on for a while.

Finally, the bulls managed to form a reigning (93.26%) rally that has pushed FUTUREXCRYPTO’s value to $1.48 per FXC.

Now, the investors are keen to increase the buying power, to push FUTUREXCRYPTO over the $1.87 per FXC mark. Going forward, the buyers may succeed in bringing more neutral investors to their side and increase FUTUREXCRYPTO’s value to $2.26.

If things start working out in favor of the bulls, they may increase the buying power at a large rate, which would push FUTUREXCRYPTO to $2.68 per FXC.

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