Price Analysis of Hedera (HBAR), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Internet Computer (ICP)

Price Analysis of Hedera (HBAR), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Internet Computer (ICP)

It is now time to look at the performance of three cryptocurrencies that have gathered the support of many investors ever since their debut. However, as the situation of the overall cryptocurrency market has turned bearish, the investors want to see where the cryptocurrencies would be in near future. As of now, the cryptocurrencies that have the high attention of the investors include Hedera (HBAR), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Internet Computer (ICP).

Hedera Observes 2.23% Surge

In the past 24-hours, the investors have shown a great accumulation of interest in Hedera. This is the reason why Hedera has observed a 2.23% in value. At the time of publication, the unit price of Hedera is $0.2108 per HBAR.

The analysis data suggest that in the past 24-hours, the buyers have increased the trading volume for Hedera with the strong investment spree. The volume figure for HBAR has risen by 88.19% and it is currently exhibiting a volume worth $118,972,703.

Going forward, the buyers may increase the accumulation power of HBAR, which may help Hedera grow in value. If the bulls find it feasible to continue adding Hedera to their portfolios, then the price of Hedera may rise to $0.2213 per HBAR.

If the trading volume, as well as the acquisition power of the investors, grows, the value of Hedera may also elevate to $0.2324 per HBAR. For now, Hedera is not entirely bullish, which means that the bears may still have the ability to push back against the bulls.

However, if the bulls manage to deal with the bearish pressure and make enough investments, the price of Hedera may grow up to $0.2440 per HBAR.

Ethereum Classic Observes 0.60% Dip

It may come as sad news for the Ethereum Classic supporters that the value of the digital asset has experienced a 0.60% dip in the past 24-hours. At the time of publication, the value of Ethereum Classic stands at a unit price of $26.49 per ETC.

Currently, the general sentiments of the ETC community are bearish, which means that ETC may keep dipping in near future. As the bears keep selling Ethereum Classic on a higher scale, the price of Ethereum Classic may plummet to the first resistance mark ($5.80). With the increased selling power of the bears, the price of Ethereum Classic may plummet to the major support benchmark ($23.72).

Internet Computer Observes 0.41% Dip

Internet Computer is also experiencing a 0.41% dip that has pushed its price down to $16.45 per ICP. With the bears currently in action, it is expected that the price of Internet Computer may continue dipping. This would result in pushing the value of Internet Computer down to $16.21, and eventually, 15.76, if the selling spree doesn’t end.