Pantera Capital Raises $1 Billion for New Crypto Fund

Pantera Capital Raises $1 Billion for New Crypto Fund

Pantera Fund V is set to invest in a range of blockchain-based digital assets which was finalized for a launch in April 2025. Digital asset management firm Pantera Capital confirmed that the institution was seeking to raise more than $1 billion for a new cryptocurrency fund that will allow investors to full spectrum of blockchain-based digital assets.

Features of Pantera Fund V

The fund is set to go live on April 2025. The Pantera Fund V will serve as all-in-one fund with a slight change from its existing investment vehicles such as Liquid Token Fund, Bitcoin Fund, Venture Funds, and Early Stage Token Fund.

These funds have a specified investment focus rather than digital asset exposure. The fund has a minimum requirement of $1 million allocation from qualified investors.

The first close will scheduled for 1st April 2025. Limited partners participating in the fund have a minimum investment requirement of $25 million as per a report published by Bloomberg on 25th April 2024.

The startup equity, liquid tokens, and early-stage tokens are among the asset classes that are included in Pantera Fund V as per the official website of the financial institution.

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Pantera Fund V to Raise the Biggest Crowdfunding in the History of Crypto Sector

The firm has maintained that it holds around $5.2 billion in AUM across 4 existing funds. The $1 billion funding is going to be the biggest amount raised in the history of cryptocurrency industry since May 2022. The last time, a firm gathered such a large fund was when Andreesen Horowtiz raised a $4.5 billion record-breaking fund.

Another VC firm, Paradigm is in the process of negotiating a raise of $850 million for a new digital asset fund in tandem with Pantera. This fund can signal more institutional capital introduced into the sector after a market rebound in 2023. Last week, VC firm Andreessen Horowitz claimed that it raised $7.2 billion in various technical projection such as GameFi and AI.

However, the crypto-centric fund did not receive any additional funding. On the other hand, Pantera has become hyper-focused on GameFi investments such as InifiniGods with an exclusive $8 million Series A round on 25th April as per a statement issued on social media.

More than $3.5 billion in funding has been injected into the crypto sector and raised 604 funding rounds thus far in 2024. With the continuation of the current trend the year will see $10 billion raised in 2023 as per RootData.

BlackRock Launched BUIDL as the World Biggest Tokenized Treasury Fund

Within the span of 6 weeks, BlackRock USD institutional Digital Liquidity Fund is set to surpass Franklin Templeton’s one-year tokenized treasury fund. The BlackRock USD institutional Digital Liquidity Fund is now the biggest treasury fund tokenized on a blockchain network as per the Cointelegraph report.

The product listed under the BUIDL ticker reached a market cap of $375 million that surpassed the 12-month old Franklin On-Chain US Government Money Fund or BENJI, valued at $368 million as per Dune analytics.

Around $1.2 billion of US Treasury is spread on blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and similar networks. In addition to Treasury, stocks, real estate, and other types of assets are also set to be tokenized.

The demand for the tokenized product is conservative at the moment as per research analyst Tom Wan, noting that limited liquidity is one of the main reasons.

Wan noticed that it is like the chicken and egg parable with participants unable to see a visible advantage of on-chain tokenized assets.

However, the demand for the US Treasury has already been there in the $140 billion stablecoin sector. Such that it is going to be better to find end investors with a switchover when demand upticks.

Tokenization of government-issued securities currently stands at 1.4% of the cumulative tokenized assets. It is up from 0.1% since the start of 2023. Wan has projected that the market dominance of this is going to increase by 10% in the near future.

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