Marvel Releases Its First NFT Digital Comic Book Collection On VeVe

Famous Comic Book and media Publisher Marvel once again join hands with VeVe to release its first-ever Digital Comic Book Collection NFT for sale to the public.

As Marvel Comics finds joy in the celebration of their first month in Collaboration, the comic book veterans are now excited to get into the NFT sector, bringing nostalgic and precious comic book collections into the hands of the public. According to a report from Marvel itself, it mentioned that after the overwhelming success of Marvel Entertainment Studios, the new NFT Collection is a really exciting opportunity for fans to get even more indulged in the Marvel Universe. The NFT collection is officially licensed and focuses on Marvel’s popular characters that include the New Yorker, Spider-Man, and the Super Soldier, Captain America.

Successful Partnership

As for the previously released NFTs from VeVe, as of now, the sale has been a complete success. The Spider-Man NFT Collection stock available on VeVe a couple of weeks ago sold out in just a single day, with all of the 60,500 NFT in stock claimed by customers. VeVe then launched another NFT Collection last week, which was based on the Marvel Mighty series, that also immediately sold out in under half an hour at the time of launch.

Impressed by the sales numbers and performance of collaboration with VeVe, it is for the very first time that Marvel is now excited to release Digital Comic Book collections in the form of NFTs. Customers will be able to get their hands on this special digital collection this week, and it is expected to be instantly sold out just like the previous collections. Comic books have multiple stages of rarity, ranging from common collections to extremely rare collections, having a massive difference in both pricing and popularity. The NFT sale happening today will consist of 3 different obtainable comic books.

Availability Platform

The VeVe application is available to download on both IOS and Android platforms. Fans can utilize this opportunity to get their hands on some of the rarest comic book collections ever to be published by Marvel, which will hold an immense value as it goes on. Customers can also show off their collections using integrated virtual showrooms present on the platform.

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