How to Stand Out When Looking For a Crypto Job

How to Stand Out When Looking For a Crypto Job

If you have been interested in digital currencies, NFTs, or crypto billionaires, it might be that time you apply for a crypto job. The crypto world has attracted many players since last year. With that, crypto platforms are on the look, recruiting candidates boasting diverse expertise and familiarities to meet the growing demand.

Skills like accounting and marketing appear to be oh high demand. Moreover, Fortune 500 firms such as PayPal, Apple, Amazon, and JPMorgan Chase have open cryptocurrency positions.

Now, what must you have to qualify for a crypto job? Here are some of the steps that Gemini hiring manager and Solana Lab’s official think will keep you ahead.

  • Know the Fundamentals

Firstly, Blockchain topped the 2020 list of high-demand skills on LinkedIn. Jonathan Tamblyn, the Gemini official, stated that crypto platforms might be strict when hiring as the crypto notion is no longer new as things were nearly half a decade ago. That means that the crypto experience is essential to stand out. That can translate to familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals related to crypto.

How can you learn cryptocurrency fundamentals? Raj Gokal, Solana Labs COO, suggests taking online classes to understand what cryptocurrency is all about. You can access free crypto resources from platforms like Coinbase Learn and Coursera.

  • What is Your Unique Perspective?

Crypto employers are not only interested in the technical skills highlighted on your CV. Tamblyn believes that crypto recruiters want to know how life experiences have changed how you carry yourself. Industry experts sell virtual currencies to disrupt the conventional stock market. That is because they facilitate investing even in underrepresented groups such as low-income earners and women. Crypto recruiter wants to depict the accessibility and diversity spirit through your talent.

  • Be Proactive

Gokal believes that demonstrating the willingness to handle tasks is among the top skills any candidate needs for a crypto position. He believes that engineers need to be ready to create applications and write codes anytime. That should also apply to non-engineer duties.

Candidates can show reactiveness by staying active on social media platforms posting the latest trends and news on the crypto industry.

Use these steps to stand out in that crypto job.