Crypto Broker Genesis Global Introduces A New Trading Method For Institutional Investors

Genesis Global Capital (a brokerage company for cryptocurrency) has brought forward a method of trading that will permit the institutional investors so that they would trade with Bitcoin-Futures contracts depending on the end-of-day concluding price thereof. Genesis has declared to have accomplished a unique trade because of which a pathway would be provided for the innovative institutional products of crypto futures. The company has successfully operated the earliest OTC (over-the-counter) block trade which includes the transaction of a BTIC (Basis-Trade-at-Index-Close) via utilizing the futures contracts of Bitcoin (BTC) provided by the CME (Chicago-Mercantile-Exchange). The above-mentioned trade was carried out through a partnership with Akuna Capital (a market maker of derivatives), as per the announcement of 26th September.

This is for the earliest time that the cryptocurrencies would be favored by the use of a BTIC. A reason for this move is that BTIC is nowadays more frequently used within the equities markets across the decentralized finance (DeFi). This is a type of trading to make the investor capable of purchasing as well as selling the futures contracts via the prices which take their basis from the end-of-day termination of the respective index.

Tim McCourt (the Equity-Index-and-Alternative-Investment-Products’ head at CME-Group-Global, stated that the respective product is considered to be the latest initiative in the way of providing the investors with a wider exposure of Ethereum futures as well as Bitcoin derivatives. The former (Ether contracts) are scheduled to be introduced in February. McCourt explained the benefits offered by the latest trading vehicle. He elaborated that BTC (Bitcoin) allows the participants of the market to trade more efficiently through giving a systematized marketplace for actual price detection and improved trading exactness for institutional investors who are in search of elevating holdings between spot markets and the futures.

Genesis delivers liquidity for CME Group regarding its ETH and BTC futures along with other product options. In May, micro-futures contracts of Bitcoin having a worth of up to 0.1 BTC were launched by the CME. The development of the offering had the core purpose of providing the institutional investors with the ability to evade their risks regarding virtual assets. In the later period of June, more than a million contracts had been traded by the product, which signifies that there exists a greater requirement for smaller points within crypto regarding the investors who are even now examining it.

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