Coinself ( cryptocurrency wallet has passed another Security Audit

We are glad to inform you that the service, once again successfully passed the security certification audit and received a certificate of compliance. For the past several years, has passed security testing services from some global brands of cryptocurrency in the world. We checked the desk and mobile wallets, replaced the web interfaces, the surveillance systems, and the backbone components. Failure is a great lesson in safety, and it can always be a positive lesson for the future. Learning from past mistakes is the key to creating better systems. However, Coinself’s security system has proved its reliability and safety one more time.
Our e-Wallet is called as a secure and reliable crypto wallet that focuses on users’ financial freedom and privacy. A third party cannot access user funds. The Coinself wallet is convenient for beginners who want to store and send bitcoins in different ways, Coinself supports automatic encryption, crypto wallet backup, address rotation for cryptocurrency transfers, and two-factor authentication, as well as syncing multiple clients for a single account. BTC, ETH, and other currencies are available.
Formal control is extremely strict and difficult to carry out because precise, clear specifications are required. Formal verification mathematically proves that the code works as intended and calculates all possible scenarios. Historically, formal control was more common in mission-critical hardware systems such as NASA’s Mars rover, but since smart contracts are often run open-source, blockchain software has seen the need for these higher security requirements. Very few smart contract auditors are able to conduct formal inspections, but Coinself conducted the Security Audit, led by computer professors, who have decades of experience in this field.

In conclusion, is officially certified several times by well-known companies and it provides 100% safety to its users.

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