Coinbase Has Disabled Non-Fungible Token Transfers On Its Crypto Wallet

Coinbase, a crypto exchange based in the United States, has deactivated its NFT transfer service on the iOS application. The platform justified its move by referring to a disagreement on the in-app purchase plan of Apple.

It stated that Apple demands gas charges during the non-fungible tokens’ transfer via the in-app purchase strategy of apple. The proportion of the gas fees specified by the tech giant is thirty percent.

Coinbase Terminates Transfer of NFTs on iOS Application Due to Apple’s 30% Gas Charges

As per Coinbase, anyone acquainted with the operation of blockchains and non-fungible tokens can see that it is impossible. The crypto platform mentioned that the in-app purchase plan of Apple is not compatible with crypto thus they are unable to comply with it even if they attempt to do so.

In October this year, Apple issued a guideline specifying that the applications may utilize in-app purchases for selling as well as the selling services dealing with NFTs.

According to Apple, these services take into account, transferring, listing, and minting of non-fungible tokens. The tech giant attracted a lot of criticism from across the crypto market due to the thirty percent cut on each transfer. The community categorized it as an enormous tax implemented by Apple.

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In this way, the consumers of Coinbase are not permitted to transact NFT because of the respective interruption from Apple, as per the crypto exchange.

Coinbase disclosed in its tweet that Apple (the tech firm with a market capitalization of up to $2 trillion) had blocked its app’s new release while endeavoring to get 30% gas charges.

The firm specified that the tech company intended to compel Coin Wallet to get NFT transfers disabled. Coinbase revealed that Apple wanted this as new policies would be introduced for the protection of the profits at the price of NFT investment of users.

Crypto Exchange Accuses Apple of Blocking Its Wallet Release, Invites to Communicate on It

This is analogous to the attempts by Apple to charge fees for each email that is delivered via the Internet protocols. The wallet app brought to the front that the consumers (including those using iPhones) had been influenced due to this move.

The platform said that it would become considerably difficult for the customers to transact the non-fungible tokens to the rest of the wallets. Coinbase moved on to call on Apple for possible solutions.

It proposed that the tech giant might have done this by a mistake. In such a situation, Coinbase invited Apple to interact with it to resolve the problems caused in return. The crypto exchange initially declared in December previous to incorporate support for non-fungible tokens.

The NFT support was offered by it for the self-custody wallet thereof. Through this service, the consumers were permitted to have access via the marketplaces such as OpenSea.

On the 29th of November, the application declared that it would terminate support for the crypto assets taking into account Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and XRP, citing their low usage.

Dan Finley, the developer of MetaMask and former software engineer at Apple, came to the front and openly criticized the tech firm’s decision. Finley compared this decision with an Orwellian foil. He expressed the apprehension that MetaMask as well as each of the other wallets would be the next.

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