Cardano’s Founder has Delivered Important Information about Alonzo Upgrade in his Latest Video Message

Charles Hoskinson is the man behind Cardano and the head of IOG. He recently decided to post an update about the highly anticipated Alonzo upgrade on the network. This upgrade is set to make the network smart contracts savvy. At present, the Alonzo upgrade is in the 3rd, and a final stage called the Alonzo Purple.

With this upgrade, the Cardano ecosystem is going to be able to mimic the DApps capabilities of the Ethereum network. After much deliberation and discussion, the developers of Cardano finally announced that the final date for Alonzo to go live on the mainnet. Thus far, some stakeholders are worried if the date is going to be pushed further forward.

All Bugs will be Fixed, Says Charles Hoskinson

The new video update by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson reveals that everything is happening on time, and the main event is going to be void of any surprises. He further added that on the upcoming weekend, the developers on the network have a lot of work to do and make sure that the latest version of the DB sink is compatible with the testnet.

He further added that some bugs would be fixed before the testnet uploading, and some others are going to be uploaded after the testnet has been uploaded. The official rollover date for testnet is September 1st, and it is going to stay there until September 9th. From here, the updated proposal will be added, and it will go live on September 12th as planned.

During his recent Cardano update, Charles Hoskinson used a peculiar prop to engage more users. He claimed that if everything is going to remain on time and under the bounds of the schedule, the toy octopus is going to remain happy and perked up. The Cardano community on social media has taken this toy and started to seep into the meme culture online.

However, if anything goes wrong, the users might have to deal with the sad octopus by simply flipping the toy inside-out. This way, he is planning to make more news waves and ensure that as many technical and non-technical users are going to get on board with the upcoming upgrade on the Cardano network.

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