Scouting Locations For Your Warehouse

Scouting Locations For Your Warehouse

Whether it’s for a new business launch or part of your growth plans, choosing the right warehouse is essential. Making the right decision can have a massive impact on your potential to earn revenue, and that means having a checklist to ensure you make the right decisions. It’s far too easy to rush into a decision when you’re keen to start operating your new warehouse as quickly as possible, but that’s the fastest way to ensure that your finances are going to take a hit. If you’re looking for a new warehouse facility for your business, here’s the checklist that you need to be aware of.


The single most important factor to consider, location choice is going to be critical. You need to have carried out extensive customer research to identify where your customers are so that your delivery times are as fast as possible. If you’re aiming to cover a wide area, then you need to ensure that shipping is as easy as possible, with airports, ports, and railway stations conveniently close. You should also pay attention to weather conditions. Running a warehouse in Texas can be very different from running a warehouse in New York.

Rent and Taxes

You should have a firm budget for your warehousing costs. If you’re planning to rent a facility, then you need to ensure that you and the landlord come to an agreement about long-term rent costs. You also need to check your state for any taxes that you may be liable for as a business. Rent and tax blunders can end up costing you your business, so always be very clear about the costs of long-term running expenses.

Ease of Use

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The size and shape of the warehouse will have an impact on your workflow. If your warehouse is too small then you will have problems with stock management. Too large and a two-minute job can turn into a ten-minute job, reducing workplace efficiency. However, even for awkwardly shaped interiors, it’s possible to streamline any warehouse with customized conveyor belts that will dramatically enhance efficiency. Look at options from experts like Fluent Conveyors and ensure that you have the resources available to install the tools that you need.

The Workforce

Warehouses are more automated than ever, but you still need to have humans as the bulk of your workforce. That means you need to do your research on the availability of that workforce. You want to ensure that you have plenty of options when it comes to recruitment. You also need to check the variability of local labor skills and the localized cost of those skills. Different states can mean different salary expectations, which will end up being one of your major expenses.

Whatever your business sector, choosing the right warehouse is going to play a vital role in the success (or failure) of your entrepreneurial venture. Take the time to view as many warehouses as possible to ensure that you choose the location that most suits your needs.

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