Monitor your employees work time

Monitor your employees work time activities with OgyMogy spy app

Are you worried if your employees are working as they claim or just fooling around? Even if everyone is completing their tasks and focused on their work, they might not be doing it with all the honesty. Moreover, there are high or slight chances that your employees can be leaking any confidential information to the rivalry. So, to ensure that you get the report of their daily performance, OgyMogy is the employee spy app to help you in it.

Monitor your employees work time
Monitor your employees work time

OgyMogy – An ultimate solution for monitoring

The app is designed to make sure the tracking of employee activities. You can easily monitor their work time and make sure that your company is in safe hands. Ogymogy app is not any usual app. It is one of the apps that is assisting employers from years. They are helping them to achieve the goals and always stay alert for any kind of issues that they might face because of the employee carelessness.

We understand that managing an office full of brilliant employees may not permit you to install the spy app in their systems. But then again, it is a little hard to trust new employees. So, the app is to keep your company’s confidentiality protected and track all the activities to ensure the best performance from your employees.

How to track work time activities of your employees?

It is obvious for you to think about the features of the app that will help you in monitoring the system. So, the ways you can watch out the daily activities of your employees are as follows. Check them out and know the ones you can use in your favour.

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Track their daily activities

It provides the feature of tracking and keeping the record of screen time including the performed activities. One can easily get a report on the activities of employees and stay aware of their work-time routine.

Spy on Skype

Skype is the main platform used for business interactions. So, skype or any similar app used in your organization can be spied by using TOS. The app has the features to sneak into the inbox of any applications and get the details on media shared through these apps.

Read their messages

You can also get to read all the messages and conversation threads. This is one of the features used mainly for applications. If you have any business apps in your company, you can also track the data from those applications.

Block any social media or other damaging apps

If you think that social media usage is damaging the productivity of your employees or any other websites in relevance. You can simply block those websites and enable your employees to only focus on their work tasks.

Check all of their interactions

Moreover, track all of their interactions from sharing messages to the sharing of media and reports. Also, calculate their screen time and makes sure they are not wasting their time only by moving around having fun with other fellows.

Why TOS is the best choice for employee monitoring?

We often have our concerns when it comes to spying apps. Yes, they are not always secure and privacy is always at risk. Ogymogy understands your shortcomings and in regards to the security, they guarantee you full support and data protection. So, here are some of the more advantages that make TOS the top choice for many companies:


Screenshots are with clear visuals. So, you can easily point out anything that needs attention. Moreover, OgyMogy app offers this feature to ensure your employees are not tricking you. You can set up the screenshots timer to record between specific hours. Also, you cannot watch the screen all the time, but you can check screenshots anytime you need it. So, it is beneficial in every way.

Browsing history

Another benefit of using one spy is the browsing history in detail. Our data includes no breaches, so it is accurate. You can get all the details of what your employees’ browse the whole day and the time they spend on each sit in a single day or at work time.

Social media limitations

Employees waste theory work time by scrolling on social media or watching movies. So, the feature of blocking or limiting time or access to the sites can help you saving time. You can also call out to them if they are stubborn and not ready to leave the habit.

Call recording

If you are in doubt that the confidential information is not in safe hands, this feature of call recording will help you track the conversation. You can easily tap the phone and record all the incoming or outgoing calls and ensure your company information is safe with the people working for you.

Real-time monitoring

Most importantly, the app offers you real-time monitoring experience. No delays, flexible plans and easy to monitor each activity with minor details of it too. So, Ogymogy app has everything that any employer needs to protect the company and increase the productivity of employees.


Ultimately, it is about staying in touch with the core operations of your business. You know your workers are expected to spend a certain amount of time working to achieve the vision of the company. In case, they don’t you can take or build some strategies for the better and productive future of the company. So, if you think that spying is not a great idea, let’s consider it another way, you can use it to understand the common behaviour of employees within the company.

And then, make sure that your company is offering them the benefits for their better future. Maintain the interest of an employee to work hard towards the goal by understanding them. Therefore, it’s time to think of new ideas like employee spy app for implementing what is best for your company.

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