Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS

A drone is an ingenious invention that began as a tool for military use. Today more and more civil uses are taking a place in the use of drones.

The involvement of Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS is a part of the investment strategy in new technologies.

The models of the Unmanned aerial vehicle produced today are massive, designed to carry heavyweight military or civilian equipment.

Systems are assembled on top of the drones with advanced technology designed to capture images. Also, bringing the sender up-to-date information from the field. Used in remote territories as well as a wink to the field of commercial shipments.

The future is already here.

When looking to the future one clearly sees the intervention of drones in carrying out delivery missions instead of human messengers. The world is rapidly moving towards replacing every possible human position with robotics and technology.

AI Trading Robot

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS investment in AgEagle Aerial System Inc. Create a partnership with a leader in its field. The company designs and produces drones. It defines and implements drone-enabled solutions. It is also engaged in innovations of advanced data analytics for hemp and other commercial crops. Disclosure of ownership was filed in a form to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Naturally, the value of the company went up reflecting the confidence of the financial market in the joint venture.

Unmanned aerial vehicle at your service.

Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS’s partnership with AgEagle intends to enter the business activity of direct deliveries. The technology already exists. As a combination of the company and its investor “seeing eye to eye” on this objective.

With the growing demand for online shopping and the world flood of packages that need to be delivered instantly, a creative solution was needed. And what is better than a drone messenger? This is definitely the answer to the problem.

 Alpha Capital Anstalt UAVS saw the potential inherent in this technology. A courier who is never lost does not stand in traffic jams, does not need a lunch break or employment on social terms. Amazing!

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