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3 Aviation Courses after 12th PCM to Consider While Taking an Admission

Education plays a vital role in a person’s life as it is the initial step towards their career. Numerous engineering courses after 12th PCM are available in the education sector, but picking the right one is difficult. The student must first be aware of what they want to become, which colleges are best, and so on.

These days, students are more attracted to unique courses that offer great opportunities to nurture their careers. Engineering aviation courses after the 12th PCM are quickly becoming popular. If students want to work in the aviation industry, there are numerous opportunities available to them.

Students who are confused which college to attend for the aviation courses after 12th PCM? Here comes the solution. Students interested in attending one of the top colleges or universities can take the AME CEE entrance exam and become eligible for up to a 100% scholarship. However, before applying for the AME CEE entrance exam, students must be aware of the course details, which are:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME): Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a niche course that can be pursued from the DGCA approved institutes in India and deals with the maintenance, repair, upgrade, and troubleshooting of aircraft. It is an international license programme through which students become eligible to show off their skills in the private and government aviation sectors worldwide. There will be 2 year academic course and 2 years live training in the DGCA approved organizations. They have massive career opportunities with provide eye-catching salary packages on the basis of their expertise and skills:

Aeronautical Engineering: Basically, Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most familiar engineering courses for those who are interested in aircraft and their components. It is a four-year undergraduate program for 12th-grade science PCM candidates. During the Aeronautical Engineering programme, candidates will gain knowledge about the designing, development, construction, modification, and testing of aircraft. Several job opportunities await skilled Aeronautical Engineers with handsome salary packages:

Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace Engineering is gaining popularity among candidates because it combines two engineering disciplines: aeronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering. It is a four year B Tech degree course after 12th PCM that deals with all the processes involved in the manufacturing of flying vehicles within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere, such as aircraft, satellites, rockets, space-shuttles, and so on. There are numerous Aerospace Engineering job opportunities for Aerospace Engineers in the several aviation sectors, with attractive salary packages based on their expertise:

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