Finutrade Review – Is Finutrade Scam or Legit?

Finutrade Review

I understand that perfection is not really achievable and that’s why I have chosen to call the company only near-perfect. However, I can tell you with guaranty that in today’s world, finding even something even remotely like this trading services provider is quite a challenge. I have been research and searching online companies for trading purposes for enough years to know the inside secrets of this industry. There is so much that I can talk about when someone asks me about the online trading industry. However, I know that you are a trader and I will provide you with information that helps you in some way.

Today, I will give you a complete review of Finutrade. This review will help you understand this company and its services. Of course, you will be trading with it like you trade with many other trading brokerages on the internet, but there is something different about this one. For me, it has taken trading to the next level. It delivers a performance that other companies can only hope for. Now, I will not keep you guessing about its trading platform. Here is a complete Finutrade review to help you with your first trading decision.

Broker Finutrade
Trading Type CFD
Assets Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities
Trading Platform Web based and mobile
Segregated Funds Yes
AML and KYC Yes
Customer Support 24/5
Account Types Basic, Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP
Saving Accounts Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP
Minimum Deposit $250
Bonus Yes (up to 50%)


Finutrade – The Near-perfect Trading Experience

Your Information Is in Safe Hands

Today, people are more careful about sharing their information than ever before. You don’t want to give out your information to any online entity that cannot take care of your information. If you make this mistake, the next thing is you getting ripped off by some online scammer. They steal your information from unsafe databases. Furthermore, they use your information in places where you would never want your information to be. For example, they might do something illegal online but use your information so only you get caught in the end. The broker you sign up with can help you avoid this situation.

Finutrade provides you with a trading platform on which you can trust with your information. It has proper encryption in place to ensure that every piece of data that you provide on the internet is safe. If you don’t know this particular fact already, then I am here to help you. Well, when signing up with online brokers, you have to provide your personal identification information. It has to be state-issues information that can be used to identify you. In addition to that, you might have to prove your physical location by sending in a utility bill of your house.

Finutrade website

Furthermore, you have to submit banking information that helps the company find out that you are the same person whose information appears on the account provided online. Do keep in mind that you will have to send all of this information in the form of pictures. So, if you really want to be on the safe side, you have to choose a platform like Finutrade that protects your information through encryption.

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Your Money Is Safe Too

You can never ignore the importance of your money. However, if you sign up with the wrong people, I can tell you that they will forget about your money. They don’t have proper standards in place to ensure that your information and money are safe. On the other hand, when you sign up with the right company, you just know that everything is being taken care of on your behalf. The money that you will deposit in your trading account with this company will go straight to segregated accounts. This is the industry standard and every online company should follow it.

But I can tell you from experience that this is not the case. There are many online companies that provide you with trading services, but they will not put your money in separate accounts. However, you don’t have to worry about that piece of information because your money is going in separate accounts that are maintained at reliable and regulated banks. The company is doing that only to make things safe for you.

You Can Contact Real People

Before you worry about anything else, I have to tell you in time that you have proper customer support from the company available for you 24/5. This means that these people are there to help you with your concerns 24 hours a day for five days a week. This means you can contact them at any time of the day or night without worrying that your call will not be answered. I also have to tell you that the customer support department at this company is one of the best I have experienced. They talk to you like professionals and always seem genuinely interested in listening to you before suggesting you anything.

There is a frequently asked section on the website that’s there to help you know the questions and answers to them right on the website. These questions are there because they are the most common concerns of the traders who sign up with the broker. You might answers to most of your questions in these FAQs, so you might as well try to see it before you sign up.

Save Money with the Company

People who are serious about their lives and financial goals always save money on time. They don’t delay this process because they know the consequences. I have to tell you here that certain services that you get from this broker are not even available with any other company online. I have signed up with some brokerage firms on the internet and I did not find one that offered this particular feature. So, I am talking about the savings accounts that you can open with Finutrade. Yes, I am talking about real savings accounts, in which you can deposit funds and wait for those funds to grow with the passage of time.

You have four different accounts based on the amount that you are willing to deposit and the profit rates you are interested in. I have to tell you here that the more time you keep your money in the account, the more money you make on it. No, if you think you will have to start with a lot of money, that’s not true at all. You can start with a small amount of just $5000. Yes, with this amount, you can make a huge profit of 1.8% on your money if you keep the money in your account for 24 months or two years.

If you maintain $50,000 in your account for the same amount of time with a VIP account, you will be making a profit of 3%. Now, you can already imagine the amount of money you will make at the end of two years if you have an even bigger saving in the account. In other words, if you don’t want to invest your money into trading with your hands, you can just open a savings account with the company. It will help you grow your money through profit sharing in your savings accounts.

Free Accounts and No Withdrawal Fees

There are certain things in the online trading world that have always kind of bothered me. For example, when it comes to withdrawing money from your account, you will not always be able to do that with ease. Why? Well, many online brokers have a lot of terms and conditions associated with you pulling out money from your account. If they don’t have a lot of terms and conditions, then they will talk about the many fees that apply to your withdrawals. If you are withdrawing your profits from your account, these fees can be extremely annoying because they take a huge bite out of your profits.

Is that something you can avoid? Well, yes, you can avoid that situation if you sign up with a broker that operates transparently, and that’s where Finutrade comes in. This company truly understands how to make trading friendly for traders from all over the world. If you are interested in trading without any secrets, you should consider signing up with this firm. There are no fees that you have to pay on your withdrawals when you sign up with this company. In addition to that, you can open your savings accounts for free if you go with the right account on the trading accounts list.

These services are great but I can tell you that you will not always get them from all the online firms that provide trading services. If you also think that pulling money out of your own account does not make sense when you have to pay hefty fees on those withdrawals, you should definitely consider opening a trading account with Finutrade.

The Trading Platform You Always Deserved

Yes, I think that the trading platform you are getting from Finutrade is the one that you always deserved. If you are trading for the first time, I can tell you that you are making the right choice right from the beginning. There are many traders in the world who made the mistake of signing up with online trading platforms without realizing their softwares for trading were not that great. When you trade with a subpar trading platform you often end up with losses. I have to tell you that your entire trading experience completely relies on the type of platform you choose.

Now, it is up to you which particular details you pay attention to. If you are thinking about a trading platform that you can start using right from the first moment, I think you will love the trading platform from Finutrade. This amazing trading platform is there to make trading easy for you and I can guarantee of that. I have used it and it made sense to me within seconds. I knew my way around and I could select all the options that made sense to me. In addition to that, I could see every possible detail that I had to see for trading successfully. From basic graphs to advanced charts on financial markets, you will find it all on this platform.

Now, the next concern that you might have with your trading platform is whether or not you will be able to use it on your device. Yes, I have to tell you that you will not have to worry about that at all. The broker has made sure that its trading platform runs on all the major devices and operating systems in the world. Whether your device has iOS or Android on it, you will not have to worry about the trading platform not running on your device. In fact, you can even use the trading platform on your computer and mobile devices. There is no limit to how you can use this software.

What makes me even happier is that you can use this trading software without downloading it. It is there on the website of the company so as soon as you open the website, you have access to the trading platform as well. You must not forget that since you are using this trading platform in the cloud, you will be using this exact one no matter which device you are using.

The Asset Index You Were Looking For

So, whenever you go online and see the experts talking, they always tell you about investing in many different assets. This is called the diversification of the investment portfolio. Yes, it is easy to say this for someone who has been trading for many years. However, when it comes to new traders who have not traded ever before, this thing can be quite difficult. If you have signed up with a broker that does not have a lot of assets on its asset index, then you are unlucky. I can assure you that you will not feel unlucky when you sign up with Finutrade.

This firm has made sure that you get access to the best assets in the world through the best financial markets. The best thing is that you don’t even have to switch your trading platform to be in many financial markets. Yes, it is true that you can open many trade orders at the same time. You don’t have to wait for one trade order to close before you can open a new one. You can be trading many different assets at the exact time. This allows you to know the results quite quickly so you can make fast trading decisions and profits on your trades. This is something that you will not get with every online brokerage.

Start Easy and Make a Lot

Starting as a trader with Finutrade is probably the easiest task that you will have to perform. I have to tell you that there are some brokers on the internet that surprised me. They surprised me with the fact that they required a lot of money from their traders to start trading. That does not make sense to me. I am not an online company with millions of dollars in my account, but I can tell you straight that there are more new traders on the market today than there are experienced ones. That’s because the internet has caused a huge influx of first time traders in the online trading world.

If you are offering a trading platform where the traders cannot start with a small amount, that’s not a good thing you are doing as a trading services provider. It is a huge issues that needs to be addressed. However, I am glad that there are companies like Finutrade who understand their target audiences. These companies have created easy systems where new traders can easily sign up without any problems. How? Well, I have to tell you that the smallest amount that you can use to start trading with this firm is $250. I think even a student can gather that amount and start trading when he/she wants.

Now, that’s only one great thing about signing up with Finutrade. The other great thing is that you get some huge leverages on your trades. The leverages are there for you as a trader from the company you have signed up with to help you trade big. Yes, if you trade with only the amount in your account, you cannot enter many trades that require a lot of money. On the other hand, your brokerage firm can help you enter big trades with big leverages. How big can the leverage be? I say anything above 1:20 qualifies as huge leverage.

With Finutrade, you are getting leverages of 1:200 on certain assets. You won’t get this leverage on all your assets, but there is some leverage on every asset. If you go with assets that have 1:200 leverage, you can really benefit from this feature a lot. You just have to make sure that you are successful with your trade because then the leverage that you have used will increase the profit that you are making on your trade.

Education and Initial Help

You need education and initial help when you start trading for the first time. There are certain things you should not do wrong, and trading is one of them. When you trade, you are investing your money. Not learning how trading works is a recipe to disaster. You might make some profits in the beginning without education, but you will never be able to figure out what really helped you become successful. As a result, you will make many subsequent decisions that don’t go in your favor. If you want to trade like professionals, I recommend that you spend some time learning how to trade.

Where will you go to learn trading? Well, you don’t have to go anywhere because the company that you are signing up with is providing you with all the education that you will ever need. It will not only provide you with great educational material, but also give you access to professionals who will help you initially in trading for the first time. For example, you will have access to an account manager. In addition to that, you will also have access to analysts who can really tell you the ins and outs of all the trading strategies that exist so you can learn and use them to your advantage.

Once you sign up with the company with a semi-advanced or professional account, you will have complete access to the education center. With that, you will also have access to live webinars. In live webinars, you have experts of the industry talking about the new trends and the great ways of trading in the online trading world. If you wish, you can even ask them questions at the end of the webinar to clarify whatever confusion you might have in your mind about trading.

Get Huge Bonuses

This is the most fun part of trading with Finutrade. I have to tell you that I had not expected an online broker to offer me anything in the name of bonus. I always thought that I was on my own. I had to sign up with a company, invest my money, and make profits with my efforts. The best I could have ever expected from a company was a big leverage on trades. However, Finutrade has gone the extra mile to offer all of its traders with huge bonuses. These bonuses start with the most basic account at 25% of the initial deposit and go all the way up to 50% of the initial deposit.

Final Thoughts

So, you might have gotten some idea why I consider this trading platform as one of the best. I have seen many and tried just as many. However, I have to admit that the number of features I found with this company is much higher than what I have ever received from another broker. The non-downloadable trading platform is great with amazing safety features, huge leverages, equally big bonuses, and lots of assets from many different asset classes. So, start learning trading today and set the foundation of trading like professionals without any delay.

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