CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) Review – A Platform Bringing Crypto to Mainstream Sector

CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) Review

If you are new to the cryptocurrency trading industry and have landed on this page, then my friend, you have landed a jackpot. When you are new to anything, you wish to start from scratch or from the basics, learning one thing at a time. It has been over a decade since the cryptocurrency industry has been around and too much has been introduced in the sector making it very complex. Therefore, my PaytechNO review will show you how this crypto exchange can help you rise from the very basic level, and then go all the way to the top.

CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) is as regulated as it gets

CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) is known throughout the cryptocurrency trading industry as one of the few exchanges that is regulated. This means that CryptoPayTech adheres to the regulatory policies that are very important for the crypto-firms to adhere to. At present, regulators from around the world stress the crypto-sector strictly adhere to the KYC and AML policies, and that’s exactly what CryptoPayTech does. This enables CryptoPayTech to offer you a safe and seamless trading experience. Being regulated means that the regulators are always on the same page with you and you are always out of trouble. With CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO), you can trade with a peace of mind, without any fear of being shut down all of a sudden.

There is Only One Trading Account

CryptoPayTech does not offer you with three or four trading accounts, which only tends to confuse you. At times, people end up choosing the accounts that are out of their trading reach and scope but offer a lot of benefits. This only gives new investors a bad experience, compelling them to say goodbye to the crypto-sector once and for all. CryptoPayTech stops this from happening by offering you a single trading account that offers all benefits that are offered by major cryptocurrency trading platforms.

CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) offers a Debit Card

CryptoPayTech not only provides you with a cryptocurrency wallet to hold many cryptocurrencies, but it also lets you order a debit card. This is something that only some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase have managed to offer their users. Through the debit card, you do not have to make withdrawals from your CryptoPayTech wallet, convert them to fiat, and then do transactions. Instead, you can go to any play for a purchase and pay with the debit card. Once swiped, the money is converted from crypto to fiat and transferred to merchant’s account.

Transactions are Really Fast at CryptoPayTech

When it comes to processing transactions, CryptoPayTech offers you with one of the fastest channels to process them. The platform is focused on scalability and speed of transactions, which is why all your transactions are processed swiftly. Furthermore, you need not to worry about any hidden fees or charges that most of the trading platforms have a habit of imposing, without your knowledge.

Services offered by CryptoPayTech

CryptoPayTech is known for being extremely basic and fundamental when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The platform only offers the ability to buy cryptocurrencies and then sell them when you see the situation is favorable. Once sold, you earn the margin between the buying and selling prices of the cryptocurrencies.

AI Trading Robot

Another benefit you have through CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO) is being able to use the debit card provided by the exchange at real time shops and e-commerce platforms. This is a utility that is very rare and it is hardly offered by any cryptocurrency exchange.

Customer Support is available for you 24/7

CryptoPayTech knows that being new to the cryptocurrency industry, you would be needing a lot of help and support in the beginning. This is the reason why CryptoPayTech has put together a team of highly experienced, friendly, and empathetic customer support representatives. These individuals are always available for your support so whenever you call them, you will have their support and guidance. If you wish to get in touch with them, you can do it via landline and email.

Ending Thoughts

If you are somewhat compelled to invest in cryptocurrencies after reading my thoughts about CryptoPayTech (PaytechNO), but still have doubts, then I’d suggest you clear them first. This is because you won’t be able to survive in the crypto-environment if you have not prepared yourself mentally.

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