Ashford Capital Investments Review 2021 – A Prosperous Company?

I still remember 30 years back when I was looking for the perfect forex trading brokerage company. I had spent weeks online reading reviews and comparing different companies. Finally, I decided on one that I thought was the best. I soon found out that I had made a mistake. The company was not licensed to do business in my country, and when I tried to withdraw my money, the company refused to pay me. I would also like to tell you in my Ashford Capital Investments review that once you pay your money, you will NOT get it back.

It’s a very sad story that I went through in the early days of my trading career and one that I was completely unaware of. Now that 30 years have passed, I’ve learnt so many things about forex investing, which includes studying all aspects of forex companies. I know that it’s not going to be easy, but with the knowledge in this forex trading guide, hopefully, there will be fewer stories like mine out there!

I wanted to make sure that my Ashford Capital Investments Review makes a difference, and this was why I decided to come up with a format so you all young ones can read it quickly and make the most use of the information in the review. I will quickly share my personal experience, and then I will categorise the main features according to ratings. I would like to mention here, before taking this review, that it is based on my personal experience, and you should probably take everything with a grain of salt. After all, we all know that opinions and experiences differ, so even though I did speak to some other customers who had used this company for their business, it is still just one side of the story.

My personal working experience

Today, it has been around five years that I have been associated with the company and I should say in this Ashford Capital Investments review, and it has been a great journey. I have personally seen the company evolve and grow and its technology advance. The people behind this company are experienced and work hard to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. I am always assured that my money is safe with them, and they offer some of the best rates in the market. A colleague turned friend told me about this company, and I have never looked back since. He said that he has been using this company for over ten years, and he said he was satisfied. I agree with whatever he told me about the company, but over time, I have observed some of the things below, which is not quite good. I totally understand that the concept of perfection in the industry of forex trading doesn’t exist, and we will never be able to see that. I think that a company that is able to give me the best rate and provide me with good enough service would be perfect for me.

The ratings, according to my personal experience.

AI Trading Robot

So, in these five years, I had the opportunity to closely look at things like account opening, withdrawal, technology and customer service. I need to say that I was very impressed with their customer service. Most Ashford Capital Investments reviews agree that they are never too pushy in selling their product to me, which is a good thing. This allowed me to always make my own decision when it comes to what’s best for my business without any prejudice from the forex company itself. I also liked the fact that their website was very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The thing I didn’t like about their website was that it was a bit too busy for my taste. I prefer a cleaner and less cluttered website. But let us move towards features and details.

  • Efficiency: 10/10

The efficiency of a company is very important. I always expect a company to be able to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in the market. Ashford Capital Investments has done an excellent job in this area. They are always up-to-date with the latest software and tools, which helps them provide better services to their customers. Once I was having some trouble with my computer, and I had to contact their support team. They were able to help me within splits of minutes, and the whole process was very smooth.

  • Technology: 10/10

Ashford Capital Investments has always been known for their cutting-edge technology, and they have never failed to disappoint their customers. I must say that their website is very sleek and user-friendly. The tools they provide on their website are also very helpful in making better trading decisions. I would like to mention in this Ashford Capital Investments review that I have seen this company grow over the years, and they are now using some very advanced technology. This has not only helped them provide better services but has also given their customers an upper hand when it comes to investing money in the market.

  • Rates: 9/10

One of the main reasons I decided to stay with this company for so long is because of their competitive rates. They always offer some of the reasonable rates in the market, which is hard to find. I think they are rather conservative when it comes to this matter which is actually a good thing. But a couple of times, the rates differed from what their website said, but it wasn’t much of an issue for me since no business is perfect, and it must be an error.

  • Client assistance: 8/10

I had always had an appreciable experience when it came to customer service with this company. They are very quick to reply to my queries, and they offer some of the best customer support in the market. There were a few situations where I had to wait more than 24 hours for a response, but other than that, everything was always great. However, I think they need more support staff so they can handle the increased number of calls during peak trading hours. Once I had to wait more than half an hour before my call was answered. I need not mention in the Ashford Capital Investments review how this is not healthy for a business, and they definitely need to work on that if they want to continue their success in the industry. But it happened a few times in 5 years!

  • Educational content: 6/10

The educational content on the website was a bit underwhelming. I had to go online and research for more information from other sources, which is not ideal. Also, they could improve services like mobile trading platforms or add new features to their website. All in all, it wasn’t that bad, but there was definitely a lot of room for improvement and I hope my Ashford Capital Investments review reaches the authorities so they start working on it.

  • Longevity: 10/10

Once my senior told me that a company is only as good as its reputation, and Ashford Capital Investments has been around for many years now. Longevity is one of the main factors I take into consideration when choosing a company for my business. This company has an impeccable track record and they have been able to prove themselves as a strong player in the forex industry.

  • Registration process 7/10

This is a tricky one. For me, the registration process was not smooth and it took a lot of time. I had to wait for about an hour before my account got approved. This might have been because there was a problem with their system but it wasn’t something that I faced in later years so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. The Ashford Capital Investments reviews online were mixed and I think this was the reason they improved the system so it worked flawlessly. But for new investors, it might still be an issue.

  • Offers and Promotions: 6.5/10

There were a few attractive offers available on the website, but overall, I was not very impressed with their promotions. Honestly, they don’t offer much when it comes to bonuses, free training courses or anything like that. However, I know this industry has become more competitive, so maybe they will be able to introduce some of the best offers in the near future.

  • Trading Platform: 8/10

Their trading platform is pretty good, and it does what it was designed for – making money online easier. There are a whole lot of technical indicators available on their website which is great because I myself do not like complex trading tools. The platform is also very easy to use, which is a big plus.

  • Privacy Policy: 10/10

Their privacy policy is pretty simple, and it doesn’t have any loopholes which is great. They also don’t share any of my data with third parties which is why I decided to stay with them for so long.

Concluding remarks

As I said, I have been associated with this company for around 5 years now and it has always given me the same convenience and ease of operation which is why in my Ashford Capital Investments review, you will find that I am a largely satisfied customer who has some small complaints. Most customers think that they are very good but I have met some who think otherwise. The final decision has to be yours!

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