‘Bitcoin Miner’ Game Was Dead Until It Unveiled Payments in Actual BTC Earnings

‘Bitcoin Miner’ Game Was Dead Until It Unveiled Payments in Actual BTC Earnings

Bitcoin Miner on Android and iOS began paying out actual BTC after three years of no-evident growth. It later took off.

Bitcoin Miner, an idle tapping game, was created following the 2017 bull run as an entertaining and colourful riff on the wild crypto sphere. Paul West, Fumb Games cofounder, is currently speaking about it, yet no one cared when it was initially unveiled on Android and iOS. 

Challenges in Bitcoin Miner Prompt Actual Bitcoin Earnings

He told a media outlet that nothing occurred at all. Further, he claimed they did not promote the game because of the obstacles with the Bitcoin branding. He also noted that having the game live on the Play Store and the App Store was challenging. Later, it went nowhere.

West said they just stayed in the store for three years, doing possibly less than 500 installs, which is nothing on mobile. Bitcoin Miner lacked hope of success. However, following a chance meeting with ZBD, Fumb opted to offer it a trial run. 

ZBD is a Bitcoin startup incorporating Lightning Network payments into entertainment applications and games. Bitcoin Miner was revised for 2022’s bigger gadgets, while Bitcoin withdrawals through ZBD were included. An update to the mobile storefronts was also done.

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According to West, it resembled a breakthrough. In the first weekend, Bitcoin Miner picked up an estimated 65000 downloads after commissioning BTC payments, with upwards of 70% day-one retention. This was the best performance ever witnessed by the game. 

West noted that the addition is logical since it adds the capability to ‘mine’ actual Bitcoin earnings via a fake mining game. Additionally, it has supercharged the mobile game. To date, more than two million total downloads have been logged, and Bitcoin Miner is celebrating two years since incorporating the ZBD technology.

Bitcoin Miner Earnings Moderate

Similar to other mobile games where players earn Bitcoin rewards, Bitcoin Miner earnings are pretty moderate. In this case, one can earn Bitcoin worth a few cents every hour of gameplay and hardly more than that. In addition, one will earn a Satoshi at a time or 1/100000000 of a whole Bitcoin.

According to West, Bitcoin Miner does not make extravagant promises concerning the payouts. They do not depend on Bitcoin due to crypto’s speculative edge. Instead, the Lightning Network is utilized since it is the only feasible means they have established to address micropayments at scale. 

West said that previously, people claimed that blockchain addresses a non-existent matter. However, it fully addresses their issue. He also revealed they could not pay out with PayPal due to extremely high fees. 

The Bitcoin Lightning Network makes the economy function for their game. Ben Cousens, West, and ZBD Chief Strategy Officer, told a media outlet they are small payments. The data they have witnessed from such games indicates the insignificance of the amount. 

Players are getting something rather than nothing, which is typically the case, and the reward seems to evoke something and establish a link. 

West revealed that it is a major psychological obstacle. In this case, the game gives something, making it seem like a relationship. He also said they have invested in the player and are highly likely to invest in them with their time. This is valuable for them since they monetize with adverts and in-app purchases. 

ZBD-Filled Gamers Aware of Bitcoin Miner 

According to Cousens, the latest survey shows that 90% of ZBD-filled gamers had previously heard of Bitcoin. However, 70% had never handled it prior to playing the game. Further, Bitcoin Miner, as well as other games of its type, may pay out just a fair satoshis handful. However, it is an initial step into another world for most players. 

Bitcoin Miner may be a perfect and apparent example of the manner in which actual BTC earnings can enhance a game’s appeal. However, Fumb Games witnessed the alternative during its initial three years of experience and still does in specific markets where they cannot allow crypto rewards because of local guidelines. 

Concerning Bitcoin Miner’s long-term hold on players, Cousens said they have shifted from a game that was disinterested in a game with (day-180) retention. 

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