Belgian Startup Seety Rolls Out BTC Payments For Parking Sessions

The vast-scale crypto adoption as a method of payment for regular services and products has been expedited during recent months. Seety, a startup for digital parking, has provided the facility of paying in Bitcoin in return for tickets of parking in a few cities of Belgium. On Thursday, it was reported by DataNews that the feature of crypto payment had been released in Brussels as well as Antwerp. Along with Bitcoin, the clients can also utilize other such digital currencies for payments. They include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and the stablecoins such as USD and DAI coin.

The firm expects that crypto would turn out to be more environmentally friendly with the time, implying that shortly these currencies would be used to a great extent to be paid for the everyday services and products.

The function of Seety

With the utilization of crypto coins for the payment of parking space through Seety, the consumers are also able to buy credits on the Seety app. The transaction charges are similar to those paid via credit cards. The interactive map is a feature that is incorporated by the company into its application. With its assistance, the customers can reach the free or the cheapest spots for parking. Moreover, they are also capable of specifying the dues along with the parking rules regarding any parking lot or street in the respective town.

A community feature informs a member about whether a parking officer is present near the vehicle. The customers can discover adequate and economic zones for parking, avoid fines over parking, and conveniently pay their dues through the application. Recently, the application of the company has been introduced into beyond a hundred municipalities and cities of Dutch origin. The application can be accessed through Android and iOS having 355,000 active users. There is an expectation for its turnover to surge more than 400,000 euros during 2021. The startup targets the amount of approximately 2M euros to be earned in 2022.

Everyday transactions and crypto utility

Since years ago, the concept of utilizing cryptocurrency for parking payments had been commenced. It had been posted by a user in 2014 that he had used Bitcoin to pay for his parking ticket through an online marketplace named Brawker. Recently, more than $1B crypto-enabled cards have been processed by Visa during 2021’s first half.

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