OpenAI Confirms Releasing iOS ChatGPT Application, Android Debut Soon

The press release conveyed by OpenAI on Thursday, May 18, confirmed the ChatGPT application debut on Apple iPhone. The San Francisco-based artificial intelligence developer confirmed introducing the popular ChatGPT chatbot on the iOS system. 

iOS-Compatible ChatGPT to Enable History Syncing

Dubbed the iOS ChatGPT app, OpenAI illustrated that the chatbot would enable history syncing. The press release added that the Plus subscribers would have access to the GPT-4.

The Sam Altman-led AI firm clarified that the move to introduce the ChatGPT app is a demand-driven initiative. In particular, the release is inspired by users expressing the need to utilize on-the-go ChatGPT. 

OpenAI Set to Expand Coverage of iOS ChatGPT

OpenAI echoed previous pronouncements of launching customer-centric products in the future. It reiterated this position in the May 18 blog post. Its official Twitter account captured the live event in the US. 

AI Trading Robot

The May 18 tweet also confirmed plans to expand its geographical presence to other countries. Also, it outlined plans for OpenAI to soon debut on Android. 

The news of iOS compatible Chatbot crowns the busy week OpenAI chief Altman had in Washington, D.C. In particular, Altman led the firm’s executive to meet white house officials to discuss regulating artificial intelligence.

The press release illustrated that the free-to-download application is set to empower users to sync their history activities across various devices. OpenAI clarified that individuals utilizing the Plus subscription would have prior access to faster responses and GPT-4 access. The statement indicated that OpenAI was not excluding Android users. Although noncommittal, OpenAI confirmed plans to introduce a compatible version. 

iOS ChatGPT Debut Ends Reliance on Third-party Applications

The introduction of the iOS ChatGPT application for iPhone users is set to change the current scenario. Notably, current ChatGPT users rely upon downloading third-party applications that depend on API. Other users resort to accessing the OpenAI website via the device’s web browser.

The AI firm indicated that the introduction of the iOS ChatGPT application portrays efforts to transform the breakthrough research innovation to empower people with easy-to-use and accessible technology solutions.

Launching the iOS-compatible application comes weeks after the ChatGPT update to improve users’ privacy. Today, users can delete previous chat history and withdraw their user data from training the AI. 

Apple Bans Use of ChatGPT

The recent breakthrough aligns with OpenAI to thwart competition from Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard by adding web-browsing features.

Meanwhile, Apple Inc. replicated Samsung’s May 2 move to prohibit usage of the ChatGPT, citing the vulnerability of compromising sensitive data. 

The decision by the tech giant appeared in The Wall Street Journal banning employees from using the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT and AI-related tools.

Also captured in the list of prohibited applications is GitHub’s AI Copilot, which is considered to automate software code writing. The iPhone maker considers that the continued usage of AI programs exposes its confidential information to rivals.  

The move by Apple to join Samsung, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup in banning the utilization of generative AI appears as one motivated by the need to roll out its own AI applications. 

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