Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Is Going To Launch A NFT Collection

Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Is Going To Launch A NFT Collection

Retired football legend Ronaldinho is working together with INFLUXO to launch his own NFT collection soon.

A highly valuable and unique set of NFTs from Ronaldinho and INFLUXO will be available to grab during an auction session hosted by INFLUXO on their own marketplace. Additionally, NFT claimers will also be able to gain special access to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with the football legend star Ronaldinho in Dubai, probably sometime next year. The package includes a round-trip ticket, two days in the hotel, and a very special gala dinner, which Ronaldinho himself will be attending.

As the auction begins, every person participating in the bidding will have to present the proof of funds in wallets, confirming their seat in the auction session. Every bidder is also required to put in a minimum bid value of at least 10,000 in USDT. In addition to the closing hours of the auction, a special overtime period will also be implemented to secure the best bids. Once the auction has finished, the big best bids will be able to receive amazing opportunities. Offers locked by other bidders will be returned to them.

The Collection

The NFT collection about to be released by Ronaldinho and INFLUXO is one of the first collections to be developed and available for grabs by INFLUXO. INFLUXO’s main goal is to provide trusted services and digital asset solutions in order to give a very fresh NFT development and launch experience in partnership with many influential entities, such as famous Athletes, Entertainers, and their respective supporters.

INFLUXO achieves this by focusing on teaming up with top-of-the-line production designers to develop unique and attractive items that can be put up for sale in the marketplace. INFLUXO’s marketplace has a lot of attractive features and traits, such as solid payment systems, an exclusive NFT wallet, and a well-secured bidding record from the past. The firm has the support from a group of investors, such as blockchain investment batch INBlockchain and asset trading marketplace, BigONE.

NFTs have become something really popular in Brazil, as the county’s own National Football team also worked together with BItci, to bring forth a new NFT collection, as well as a fan token to keep fans engaged with the football team.